Wednesday, July 4, 2012

art to inspiration-culture clash

happy 4th of july everyone.

art to inspiration is a blogging collaborative project. each month a piece of art is chosen, and bloggers post their inspiration to the artwork. this month's piece is a photo by smita jacob. learn more about the art to inspiration project here

title : healing yoga with aarti
name of artist : smita jacob
                     url :

what provoked me most about the photo was the juxtaposition of aarti in her traditional sari against the contemporary toronto backdrop. i put together a culture clash collage in response. 

an ethnic patterned map, a great read, a tribal union jack, hooters in chinatown, asian inspired taco truck,  japadog, a aztec/navajo inspired iphone cover, an american flag turban, americana jack rogers. red white and blue evil eye bracelets.


  1. that iphone case is such a good find!!

  2. I love your fun collage inspired by Smita's photo! Jack Rogers' sandals are great :)