Wednesday, June 6, 2012

what do you think of me? really...

do you ever wonder what you friends really think about you? what are your vices?

i read this interesting lifehacker post last week. it suggests asking your friends to honestly critique you on how you act. the things you do that annoy them, bad habits, etc. there is even a app where they can do it anonymously! (there really is an app for everything)

i think constructive criticism is important for growth, but actively polling your friends for critiques may make one seem insecure and high maintenance. to some extent our quirks, things that may be annoying to some, make us endearing to others and make us who we are. to be honest, the article reminded me if the episode of "the office" where michael opens the dunder mifflin's suggestions box and everyone tells him he has BO.

would you poll your friends for you faults? do you think it is a valuable practice? what would you think if your friend sent you a poll?

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