Thursday, June 28, 2012

organize your recipes and shopping: zip list

organizing your shopping list and favorite recipes is a must when cooking for one. it makes it easy avoid buying items you do not need, and use the items you have already purchased. lately i have been using zip list and i love it!

you can use zip list online or through an app on your smart phone. it allows you to import recipes from virtually any website (not only do they have a wide range of partners, but there is a very on-point "zip it button" you can add to your browser that will detect the recipe and upload all the ingredients into your recipe box!). you can add any of your recipes to your shopping list. when you are adding the items, it will allow you to uncheck boxes of items you do not need to buy.

one of the newest features is the meal planner. you can add recipes to your meal queue to plan meals weeks in advance. by searching recipes you can find meals with similar ingredients so you can plan weekly meals with fresh ingredients. you can even sync the meals with ical or google calendar, so you will always remember what you have planned for dinner!

this is how i've been using ziplist, but they also have features for sharing recipes with friends, adding specific items to a shopping list by scanning the barcode (non-single readers--your husband will have no excuse for buying the wrong milk), and gathering coupons.

if you have not already. i suggest checking out zip list. it makes meal planning so easy, and i love keeping my favorite recipes in one place.

do you use ziplist? if not how do you organize your meals and shopping?

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