Wednesday, June 20, 2012

if i had a million dollars-

images by andy warhol

last week i received an invitation to join is a search engine that is part of the art genome project. you can search art work, learn about connections between artworks, and buy art.

i wish i could afford to buy some of the art on, but collecting art is an expensive hobby. i have been having a great deal of fun searching through art and learning about new artists.

the site is completely searchable by artist, style, subject matter, medium, and region. how cool is that! they are already working with several galleries, so even though the site is in a private beta phase, there is still plenty of art to intrigue you for hours.

i've been looking at some of andy warhol's celebrity polaroids (they were recently in an exhibit at nyc's danziger gallery). i love the picture of tina turner--she seems so serene when she isn't performing! i have also been looking and learning about some newer artists. makes it so simple to learn about new artists in categories that interest you! is in a private beta phase, but you can request an invite here. i also have a few invites that i can share, so message me and i may be able to help you out. 

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