Thursday, June 21, 2012

blogs i love: once a month mom

image via susy morris

last week i shared with you a couple tips for cooking for one. one great tip is to freeze extra food. by freezing you can create a surplus of homemade food when you have extra time, and then reheat it quickly at your leisure! perfect for the busy professional cooking for one.

one great resource is once a month momon her blog she has a monthly menu (i always check out the diet and the vegetarian), additional daily recipes, and resources for the beginner freezer cooker! 

i used to buy store bought turkey and veggie burgers, but i love to have homemade frozen ones on hand for when i need a quick meal mid-week.

i was really unsure and nervous about starting to freeze meals--i get especially concerned with meat! i found the following resources really helpful to start:

  • for information what can and cannot be frozen: oamm & usda (united states department of agriculture).
  • for how long frozen food lasts: oamm, usda hereherenchfp (national center for home food preservation).
  • about storage containers for freezing and preventing freezer burn: oamm here & here. i also love these.
  • information about flash freezing for produce: oamm & nchfp.
  • how to thaw and prepare frozen foods: oamm, usda, nchfp.

happy freezing!

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